Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Playstation Network Hacked

On the 20 of the 4 2011 the Playstation Network was hacked by an unknown group of thieves.
This group was trying to use their CFW(Custom Firmware) PS3's to download the games off the PSN store. the problem with that they gave themselves extra control over the network to do so. Which also allowed them to see other peoples account info like name address and even credit card details.

It wouldn't have taken them much to copy the entire database containing all the info so if your credit details are on the PSN please watch out for any unexplained payments. You probably think that if it happened once it can happen again, well yes it could but really it could happen on any network like the PSN.

Also the PSN is encrypting all of the data you put on there.
It's encrypted in a 128 bit encryption program which is a really good one.
This means that in the code it only repeats every 128 th character.
256 bit will take a super computer about 3yrs + to decode.
They stoped selling 512 bit because by the time it would finish decoding evidents the person who committed the crime would be long dead by a few decades.

The PSN should be fixed soon so don't worry too much and the people who did it will be found soon enough.
Well I guess thats all I know for now so lets hope it is fixed soon and never happens again.
Thanks for reading this also see this video.

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