Thursday, 20 October 2011

Grand Theft Auto 3d Birthday

It has almost been 10 yrs since Grand Theft Auto III came out and considering that it was the first 3d GTA Rockstar Games is re-releasing it on the iOS for iPhone and iPad. Happy Birthday Grand Theft Auto may you allow us to continue to kill hookers and drug dealers for many more years to come, lol.
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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The next Xbox and windows 8

According to Gunn's from
The next Microsoft OS, Windows 8 will feature Xbox games compatibility because the next Xbox will be Win 8 based. Meaning that it will be running the Win 8 OS.
This is really a good thing and a bad thing because each time Microsoft release a OS it is like $400 Australian dollars. So the console will probably be about $700 Australian Dollars. However it will mean that you can play your games on your computer if you are unable to play your console.
Also if the console has compatibility with 360 games it means that you will be able to play 360 games on your PC.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sony NGP Vita and PSN

Sony has unveiled their new portable playstation console at E3 and have named it Vita which is a crap name, I don't like it and I think NGP would be a better name for it. The PSN is back online and you get 30 days of PS Plus and a choice of 2 games out of 5. I liked the games that I picked and will continue to use the PSN because Microsoft needs the competition. It is just better for all of us having that competition there.
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Thursday, 2 June 2011

NGP Next Gen Portable by Sony and Duke Nukem Forever

The NGP is almost here and already has a Uncharted on it, It is also as good as a PS3 graphic wise and has 2 touch screens. Here is a video about it.
This is just another reason why 2011 is a good year, so far we have had the Nintendo 3DS and we are waiting for the NGP, Saints Row The Third, and Duke Nukem Forever.
Duke Nukem Forever video
And this is just a funny video for the game.
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Saints Row The Third

The new Saints Row is coming this year so yeah check this out.
I, like many other Saints Row fans, have been waiting for this one since 2008 when I  finished Saints Row 2.
If this is the first Saints Row that your going to play get the first 2 just for some background story. Also the first 2 were awesome so thats another reason. You still have a little while to wait though, it is expected to be out by the end of the year.
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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Blog Surfer

Thanks for reading my blog.
Chances are that you are reading this from the website.
It is a really good website and has helped me with traffic so if your blog needs more views you should sign up to

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Possible Knight Rider Game

Hey, just found this video and it could be a possible video game intro.
Check it out.
It looks a lot like GTA 4 but a Knight Rider game with new graphics would look awesome.
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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

PlayStation Network

The PSN will be hacked again unless sony ups the security and in doing so they may have to start getting rid of some of the features. Because people are connecting to it it is impossible for Sony to run it the way they want to without being hacked this is just another thing that Sony will have to think about when setting up the network again. The problem is that they have to limit the access that everyone has to the network. People can connect but the hackers just grant themselves more access to the network. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sony Hacked Again

First the PSN was hacked but the rumors are that Sony uses the same security for their SOE or Sony Online Entertainment. The hackers are likely to try and hack it next before they try to re-hack the PSN. Sony doesn't owe us anything for the hacking of PSN, they will suffer more than us because of the loss of profit, but free content will bring back gamers and that is the important thing. Without competition from Sony Xbox and Nintendo might not try as hard when working on improvements so if you a gamer you will suffer if Sony fails to fix the problems. Being the best console is what PlayStation Xbox and Nintendo are all fighting for and it is a good thing. Sony shouldn't have many problems restarting but keeping control over the PSN will be difficult. If you are a hacker please stop, you are destroying the future of video games as we know it.
So we should help sony out by going back online when they are back online. If we don't Xbox and Nintendo might stop trying so hard and there won't be a PlayStation Console.
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Monday, 2 May 2011

PlayStation Network is coming back this week

The PSN is coming back online this week and you will get a 30 day sub for PSN Plus and a free download of some content. Cant say what the download will be though. You will have to set a new password and download new PS3 firmware to make the network more secure.
Here is a video I just saw.
Also here is the article.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Starting out in game dev. and what we should expect to see in the near future.

If you really want to get into the game development business you need to have a plan set out and stick to it.
If your like me you would have watched a lot of other game dev's talk about how they got into the game's industry. Most of the videos I have seen the programmer of a game usually wanted to be a software programmer. The artist just wanted to design and draw thing for other companies. Thanks to computers we now have potential future jobs. The artist gets to design entire worlds and programmers add the players and allow them to do a set quest in that world. With tech evolving all the time I think in the near future a game will give us another life to live, kind of like the Avatar movie and with 3d finding itself in a lot of new games we should prepair for a world far more fun and entertaining and more importantly real.

By watching other's in the industry I think we have a lot more to discover. As for getting into the industry we have to study hard at school, harder at university and even harder at home. Almost everything I know is because of trial and error at home. It takes time to learn so give it the time and you will learn. If your thinking of quiting school and making your part time job a full time job don't because if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything(yes, stolen from back to the future but it is true).

If you know a little about c++ try Ogre3D. It is a game development engine and will help you make your games.
It stands for Object Graphic Rendering Engine. Heres the link.
If you master this you have a very bright future ahead of you. Before I started doing Ogre3D work I was using YoyoGames Game Maker which is perfect for a beginner without any knowledge on Game Development.

I think that is about it so watch how others started out work hard use Game Maker from YoyoGames and learn Ogre3D in c++ and you will be more than ready to start university. You could probably just apply for the job somewhere.

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Playstation Network Hacked

On the 20 of the 4 2011 the Playstation Network was hacked by an unknown group of thieves.
This group was trying to use their CFW(Custom Firmware) PS3's to download the games off the PSN store. the problem with that they gave themselves extra control over the network to do so. Which also allowed them to see other peoples account info like name address and even credit card details.

It wouldn't have taken them much to copy the entire database containing all the info so if your credit details are on the PSN please watch out for any unexplained payments. You probably think that if it happened once it can happen again, well yes it could but really it could happen on any network like the PSN.

Also the PSN is encrypting all of the data you put on there.
It's encrypted in a 128 bit encryption program which is a really good one.
This means that in the code it only repeats every 128 th character.
256 bit will take a super computer about 3yrs + to decode.
They stoped selling 512 bit because by the time it would finish decoding evidents the person who committed the crime would be long dead by a few decades.

The PSN should be fixed soon so don't worry too much and the people who did it will be found soon enough.
Well I guess thats all I know for now so lets hope it is fixed soon and never happens again.
Thanks for reading this also see this video.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Mafia 2

If you haven't seen this game before it is worth a lot more than just a try check it out.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Social Clubbing Someone to death

If your on steam or youtube feel free to add me.

Steam name jmoorfoot4
youtube name jmoorfoot4

Wild Tangent

My first computer was a HP Pavilion.

It came with a game launcher on it called wild tangent.
It was the most used thing on that comp., I would spend a lot of ttime downloading games to play on it. It was were I found a passion for games. Everyday after school I would just sit there for hours playing the games on it. The one that really stood out from all the others was Final Drive Nitro, A futuristic racing game with customizable cars, race tracks suspended above the city, opponents trying to beat you, NOS all that kind of stuff.

You should definitely have a look at it.
Let me know what you think.

SketchUp Skills

As it states in the logo at the top, that only old people didn't see, I also do a lot of 3d modelling for game development and modding.
I use the Google SketchUp software to do this, its fast easy and simple to use.
These are some of the things that I have made using the software.

I have used this software in school to help with graphics, its quiet easy all I do is think of something to make and make it. It really helped me last year, I'm not a awesome drawer but I can sketch a concept and make it right in front of the teacher. Not only that I can easily change what I don't like about it.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Launch of BrutalGames Inc.

BrutalGames is a indie game developing company.
I have started making a 3d fps in a program called Game Maker.
This game was a project for a yr 12 ITA(Information Technology Applications) class.
It turned a few heads and all of my friends would watch me code new bits into the game.
As a result I have started making this blog for the purpose of advertising my games that I make.
My dream is to be a serious game developer one day and I hope by making a blog diary kind of thing to show others how to make games.
I still don't know what I am best at, Coding Graphics and other things, I just keep pushing myself to the next level of coder and artist.
I have spent roughly about half a year on this game and now the limitations of Game Maker are starting to become quite clear.
I will continue how ever long it takes, I am learning from my mistakes.
I will also post pics and code of my game and maybe even a download to the alpha stage of it.

Game 1
Title : Shocker
Main Concept Idea : Super Hero fps monsters saving the day all that kind of stuff.
Note to reader about making a game :
Never go into detail just start doing it or it will never get finished.
If you have a perfect mock up you will muck it up.
Just get a basic idea that is very brief and allows some leeway for editing.

I have already got some ideas programed into the game but it will need a lot of work to make it to beta stage.

So far I have HP stats and Power Stats a HUD that is a visor(looks kind of cool bbut not hd yet.
All the textures are low res and will be fixed up for the beta.

Thats all I have time for now I will release screenshots of it soon.