Friday, 18 March 2011

Launch of BrutalGames Inc.

BrutalGames is a indie game developing company.
I have started making a 3d fps in a program called Game Maker.
This game was a project for a yr 12 ITA(Information Technology Applications) class.
It turned a few heads and all of my friends would watch me code new bits into the game.
As a result I have started making this blog for the purpose of advertising my games that I make.
My dream is to be a serious game developer one day and I hope by making a blog diary kind of thing to show others how to make games.
I still don't know what I am best at, Coding Graphics and other things, I just keep pushing myself to the next level of coder and artist.
I have spent roughly about half a year on this game and now the limitations of Game Maker are starting to become quite clear.
I will continue how ever long it takes, I am learning from my mistakes.
I will also post pics and code of my game and maybe even a download to the alpha stage of it.

Game 1
Title : Shocker
Main Concept Idea : Super Hero fps monsters saving the day all that kind of stuff.
Note to reader about making a game :
Never go into detail just start doing it or it will never get finished.
If you have a perfect mock up you will muck it up.
Just get a basic idea that is very brief and allows some leeway for editing.

I have already got some ideas programed into the game but it will need a lot of work to make it to beta stage.

So far I have HP stats and Power Stats a HUD that is a visor(looks kind of cool bbut not hd yet.
All the textures are low res and will be fixed up for the beta.

Thats all I have time for now I will release screenshots of it soon.

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