Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sony Hacked Again

First the PSN was hacked but the rumors are that Sony uses the same security for their SOE or Sony Online Entertainment. The hackers are likely to try and hack it next before they try to re-hack the PSN. Sony doesn't owe us anything for the hacking of PSN, they will suffer more than us because of the loss of profit, but free content will bring back gamers and that is the important thing. Without competition from Sony Xbox and Nintendo might not try as hard when working on improvements so if you a gamer you will suffer if Sony fails to fix the problems. Being the best console is what PlayStation Xbox and Nintendo are all fighting for and it is a good thing. Sony shouldn't have many problems restarting but keeping control over the PSN will be difficult. If you are a hacker please stop, you are destroying the future of video games as we know it.
So we should help sony out by going back online when they are back online. If we don't Xbox and Nintendo might stop trying so hard and there won't be a PlayStation Console.
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