Thursday, 22 March 2012

Bobcat RC Monstertruck

Just a quick preview of what I've done so far.
Thanks to Taltigolt for the idea.


  1. hi it's me taltigolt

    try to make this as an rc car lol

    but the one you showed me looks really good :)

    1. I didn't make that other one so I can't It's not allowed by the forums or gta4-mods. Also I will make this one small and try to change the wheels if I can.

  2. i didn't mean ripping that one i just meant make one like that but an rc car do you have msn or something would be fun to chat about it also know that rockstar games liked your mod

    Dan M
    Rockstar Support

    It does remind me of those hotwheel racer games that were on the 16-bit systems. The first game I became obsessive about before it launched was Diablo 2. I have no idea why--I never even had played the first one. It was an okay game but to this day I still don't know what made me so excited about it. Anyways this is one of the cooler mods I've seen

    1. WOW Rockstar liked it OMG
      As a major fan of GTA and Rockstar I just can‘t believe it, I‘m over the moon haha.
      Also I‘ve made a lot of progress on the Bobcat RC mod. Scaled down to about half the size of the Banshee and all the dummies have been setup. Haven‘t started making the tyres yet. But I have found a problem, the camera offset has forced it to the right side of the screen because of it‘s size. That‘s about it for now. I‘ll post photos soon.