Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Mod Request's

Post your ideas in the comments.

Note: I am a noob in the modding world so unrealistic cars, buggys, rc cars, monster trucks, r2d2's etc are what I'm best at.

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  1. Hi! How about a 1972 Chevelle SS for GTA IV? All i see is a 1970 but no 1972/71. I got some high quality models. Hit me up at iandln@yahoo.com if you are interested :)

  2. You make very cool mods! I would like to see fully functional ped mods, complete with rigged eyes, mouth, etc. movement that correspond to the animations being played. For example, I know that there's one dog mod for GTA IV out there so far, but the eyes and mouth aren't rigged, so they are stationary and don't move. I would like to see other models that are non-human, such as R2-D2 as a ped mod, anthro animals (e.g. foxes, dragons, etc.), just peds that I don't normally see people make. That'd be sweet if you can! :)

  3. Hey man! Could you please make one of these cars (I don't know which choose), I would greatly apreciate it =)
    If you can please contact me at strikeclassics@gmail.com ;)

    1980 Pontiac Bonneville Coupe: http://www.flickr.com/photos/that_chrysler_guy/5069852326/

    1978 Buick Electra 225: http://www.flickr.com/photos/carphotosbyrichard/6306368896/

    Btw, great job with that Chevelle!

    1. Damn, the e-mail is wrong, it's strikesclassics@gmail.com ;)


    2. Real cars are just a bit boring to me, lol. I'm thinking about it but It's easier to make unrealistic vehicles and they get more attention too. BTW the Chevelle was just a conversion from SA so it was a fairly simple mod which is why I choose to do it. You could try posting your request on the gtaforums @ http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=422956.

  4. Hey can you make a car called Marussia b2? If no then, do you know who can make this car?

  5. Hey, Yeardley Diamond and I are working on a full length film and need a car made. The model is on google sketchup. My email is legacyfilms@rocketmail.com so please email me ASAP. Thanks.

  6. 我很喜欢你的鲨鱼MOD,希望能允许我使用鲨鱼MOD做个视频!署名作者你!

    1. 我的邮箱 (576424459@qq.com) Can you speak chinese ?

  7. James Earl Cash from Manhunt!(as a Ped)

  8. Hi,

    I am an editor in chief of the biggest Czech website about GTA (http://www.gta.cz/eng/gta4/). Our web pages have at about 11 000 visitors per day and they are partly translated into English, so the number of visitors has increasing character.
    I’d like to ask you for your permission to place your, Shark mod and other modification to GTA IV to our pages.
    We will, of course, mention your name/page as the author and if you want we can agree on more details, youtube link etc. If you are interested in my offer, send me an e-mail.

    Thank you in advance and I am looking forward your reply

    1. Hi,
      No email address makes it very difficult to send you an email.
      Please send me a pm on youtube (youtube.com/jmoorfoot4) if you want to discuss my mods.

      I prefer to have all the downloads available on my blog only so that I receive traffic, not many people care who makes the mod but by having the downloads here I at least receive traffic for my work.

      If your website is able to link the download to my blog like gta4-mods does (example http://www.gta4-mods.com/vehicles/chevrolet-chevelle-ss-72-v20-f15965#download), then feel free to release them on your website but if the traffic doesn't come to my blog then I have to refuse your request.

      Thanks, JMoorfoot4.

  9. Hi sir, any chance you can test release your Ninja Turtles weapons mod? I'd really like to try them out. Also is it possible for them to be dual wield?

    Hoping for a positive response. Thankie.

  10. are you intersted in making a 06 Civic Type R mod?
    because I drive this car everyday and dont really see anyone making this car in GTA.
    im a graphic designer as well, maybe you could teach me get into moding the GTA as well.
    I used to mod Need For Speed cars, but when it gets to the design part im pretty much a noob.
    Making mod is something i always want to learn.
    I rarely check blogspot, so if you want to get back to me please email me at chinghonusa2005@hotmail.com


  12. You make a Family Guy character? (Peter Griffin)

  13. Hello!
    I really like your fashion, because they are very classy and high-quality made​​! I would like, what would you look at this machine: http://asi-as.com/gallery/asi-ferrari-f430/
    Thank you if you make it!
    Also on this site (http://asi-as.com/gallery/) has a lot of great photoset of cars!)
    Your friend from Russia!

  14. I'd love to see 2 things:

    INUYASHA and ZOMBIE mods. (not together, separate)

    That'd be awesome

  15. can u make a dodge avenger? because i drive this car in real world. i have never seen this car's mode. dodge avenger 2013 with blacktop package. if u can make this, i will drive my car in game. thank u so much. my e-mail duyu416@hotmail.com

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  23. 2022 here and I am a huge fan lol. I just checked out your channel and the video about the Holden in the rain. I don't know if your still taking request but I made a video about gta 4 car mods I would like to see made. I would love it if you could Make the2018 Vaugh Gitten JR monster energy RTR FD Mustang Drift car. I really hope your doing well man :)