Friday, 18 May 2012

R2D2 Public Release 1.0

Hello and Welcome to my blog. 

Featured on Kotaku!!!

So the videos of R2D2 went online last night and is most likely the reason you are here on my blog.
So here's the first public release of R2D2.


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  1. Real funny man, and de space ship was awesome, hope a better improv on there.

    I made a post about it on

    Hope you get more views!

    Thx mate!


  2. This looks really cool. This is for PC only, right? I couldn't mod a PS3 version. Sorry for the dumb question.

    1. PS3 modding isn't supported by any of the modding sites.
      I think there is a way but I found it easier to buy a gaming pc rather than risk breaking my console.

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